Radio Indicator MKII

Radio Indentification System


Step 1 - Connecting to radios

Nominate 1 to 4 radios you require monitoring. The spacing between radios must be with-in 2x 1.5m and 2x 3m from the Radio

1. Install the 3.5mm mono adaptors to the external speaker jacks on your radios.
2. Next connect the 3.5mm mono leads to one side of the adaptor.
3. Connect the external speaker to the other side of the adaptor.
4. Connect the other end of the 3.5m mono lead to the Radio Indicator input SPK 1
5. Drill a 9mm hole through the wall close too the radio
6. Feed the lead of the LED indicator through the hole and fix the LED indicator to wall with glue or blutac etc.
7. Connect other end of the LED to the Radio Indicator to LED 1
8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for other radios
9. Connect the power lead to your 12v power source.
10. Connect the power lead to the Radio Indicator.
Note: The Radio Indicator is always on while power is connected.